Super Narrow Mini Frisco 1.6 Gallon Chopper Gas Tank
Super Narrow Mini Frisco 1.6 Gallon Chopper Gas Tank
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Super Narrow Mini Frisco 1.6 Gallon Chopper Gas Tank

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This Sportster Frisco mount gas tank will sit up higher on your backbone than the standard tank. These Super Narrow style, 1.6 gallon gas tanks are top quality, heavy gauge steel with an offset gas filler bung that accepts a thread-in Harley Davidson style gas cap. These tanks feature a single 1/4 inch NPT petcock fitting at the lowest point of the tank for maximum miles on the road. This is far superior to other Frisco Sportster style gas tanks that have a petcock bung on the flat bottom of the gas tank, as when your gas tank is mounted to your frame's backbone it is at an angle, and this traps a lot of gas which cannot be used as it is below the petcock bung location. This design with the offset petcock bung on the very back of the tank allows you to use all the gas you can fit in there! Frisco refers to a style of motorcycle that originated in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Typically these 'Frisco Style' bikes would have all extraneous parts removed, stripped down to the bare assentials, narrow and nimble. Often the gas tanks would be lifted in the front so that sat up higher, allowing for maximum amount of gasoline usage in the tank. Thus the term Frisco mount, which generally means a very shallow tunnel so the gas tank sits up high on the frame's backbone.

Pair this tank with a set of Lowbrow Customs Gad tank adapter brackets that we also stock and this custom gas tank will bolt on 1986 - 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters with no fabrication required.

Note: It is highly recommended to fit your gas tank to your bike before painting. Check for clearance or mounting issues as different combinations of triple trees, risers, and handlebars may cause clearance issues when turning. Tanks are pressure tested but it is highly recommended that you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance

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