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It's been a long time coming but we are super stoked to confirm that H&C Custom are now supplying high performance conversion kits from the legendary HAMMER PERFORMANCE!

We've had non-stop requests over the last few years to get these kits over from the states and onto UK doorsteps so we finally dug deep and we're extremely proud to be able to offer you not just 1250 sportster conversion kits, but the very latest high performance 1275 conversions for Harley Davidson Sportsters!

They need little introduction but the guys at HP have been building race ready machines for decades and their dedication and passion for these machines shows in their innovative products!

We caught up with Aaron, Co-owner at Hammer Performance to get his take on all things Sportster and his personal experiences running their own performance products....

What makes Hammer Performance stand out from the rest? 

"What makes us stand out is our commitment to raising the bar. HAMMER Dan and I resolved early on to not to just be another me-too company selling the same stuff as everyone else. We've constantly innovated to both solve problems and offer things other companies don't, for example the XR crank upgrade service, 30 degree reverse dome pistons, billet intake manifolds to fit larger carbs on Sportsters, the 1275 kit, billet steel timing cups, the list goes on and on. In the process, we've raised the bar for bolt-on performance from Sportsters dramatically." 

The proof is in the pudding, these guys refuse to rest on their laurels by continuously pushing the boundaries on what these great machines can achieve by precision engineering mixed with heaps of tried and tested knowledge on all things sportster!

Now it would be just plain rude if we didn't ask these guys the question we all wanted to know!!!

You have to choose any sportster model to add one of these kits to, what would you pick and why?

"For racing, there's really no question, the 91-03 generation is best suited for the track due to it's lighter weight, cassette transmission, and the plethora of race parts available. The 2003 model would be preferred as it has all the fixes and upgrades from the whole generation. For everyday street use, however, the 2007+ EFI bikes are tough to beat. The Delphi EFI system is a good one and they make bigger numbers for a given level of engine work. Narrowing it down further, the 883 model saves a bunch of money up front and if you're going to be doing motor work anyway, it makes the most sense. So the short answer for a street bike is the 2007+ XL883."

You heard it here first! That settles an age old war raging on various forums and facebook pages, straight from the horses mouth!

Ok..Ok.. One final question to wrap this up..

Just how fast can Sportsters go? 

"I've had my personal Sportster clocked at north of 204 mph at Bonneville, and it holds a current record at 195 and change. But that's a race bike, so it doesn't count. We've had several customers break 120hp on street bikes, however, which translates to about a 155mph capability if geared for it. In fact a buddy of mine once set a 153mph Bonneville record on a 124hp Buell I built. Totally street legal, even had a luggage rack on it."

 Holy cow....

Now available via our website both 1250 & 1275 at unbeatable prices in the UK and indeed Europe!



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